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Sachi Vinyl flooring is designed for office, commercial, household or light industrial factory used. The origin of vinyl flooring is built throughout a procedure referred to as "plastisol spread coating." The layers of plastisol spread coating mixed and fuse rapidly, and built up layer upon layer then this multiple layers has form as a PVC vinyl flooring.

The structure of PVC flooring has forming attractive three dimensional patterns, this makes PVC a popular choice in office buildings, among firms who are keen to shape their buildings in a distinct, creative way. The strong surface of PVC prevents dust from accumulating, meaning there is no need for the intensive cleaning that may be required of carpets furthermore, PVC flooring offers a substantial decrease in the levels of microbes present, which can spread disease and are commonly found in high levels in office carpeting. Due to these reduced levels of microscopic organisms, PVC flooring is often used in hospitals and clinics to reduce the risk of visitors contracting diseases. Household areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where hygiene is vital, can also benefit from the installation of PVC flooring.

Public buildings, such as schools, museums, advice centers and government offices, also use PVC flooring as they are usually easy to clean and maintain. Damage due to aging, such as weaknesses in the flooring structure due to frequent temperature changes, are rare because of the stability of the phthalates present in the PVC. Thus, the vinyl flooring can used for many years.



6” x 36”
Thickness (mm) 3mm
Surface Texture Wood Grain, Embossed, etc.
Surface Treatment UV coating available
(Type and composition)
PVC Decorative
High Temperature Laminated
Application Commercial, Residential, Household
Packing 20pcs/ctn or 30sqft/ctn
Product Characteristic
  1. Green and Environmental-Friendly
  2. High Elastic and Superstrong Shock-resisting
  3. Strong wear layer and Skid Resisting
  4. Waterproof and Fireproof
  5. Sound Absorbing and Noise Control
  6. Heat Conducting and Warm Protecting
  7. Easy installation and maintenance.